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Working with Emad was a very insightful and incredibly helpful experience! He has a very professional, friendly, and helpful approach to coaching that I gained an incredible amount of value from. The session brought me so much clarity and insight around the project I am currently working on allowing me to direct my energy in a much more efficient way. This saved me a lot of time. I could tell that he has done a lot of work in the field of coaching by the way he conducted and guided the session. He made me feel like I already had the answers (which I did!), and the guidance he provided allowed me to discover them within myself. He also provided a lot of value for things that I didn’t have the answers for - providing wisdom and new ways of thinking about different topics which was also very helpful.

His work around emotions & mindset and bringing more awareness to these aspects of myself was also very powerful so I could bring them into a more optimal state.

I have really enjoyed our sessions and I am so excited to continue working with him. Thanks for providing such an insightful and helpful space for transformation!

Roy Bowen

I've been working with Emad for some time now and have only good things to say about him and his work. He is a great human. He is detached yet very efficient in his work. He is a thorough professional and made me extremely comfortable. There was never a moment of doubt that I would not leave the session feeling better than where we started with. He holds space which is non judgmental and caring yet there's a lot of playfulness. Actually, he has been more than a healer for me, he has also been a teacher and a guide. He would always answer all my questions patiently and in depth, without rushing.

There's no words to describe how passionate he is about his work, it's reflected in his eyes and the amount of time he puts in one session. Sometimes our sessions would go beyond 2 hours and yet I have never seen him giving up or wanting to stop. It was always about my comfort level. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with him and highly recommend each and everyone to work with him!

Tanvi singh

This is my second time working with Emad and he did not disappoint. Emad was just as powerful in the way he delivered the information in an engaging, supportive, intuitive way. I really appreciate Emad's no nonsense way of delivering the helpful information without wasting time or giving me leads or resources that were going to cost a lot of money out of pocket. I felt Emad cared deeply about my concerns, needs, and the direction I wanted to go instead of pushing an agenda on me. Very helpful and the information was easily digestible and easy to put into action steps


Emad provided us with rationale, the wider context in which our personal challenge was situated. He identified specific changes that were needed in order to create the change we sought. Emad articulated concepts using plain language we completely understood. In doing so he has provided a scaffold for rewriting our own conversations. I found myself going back over his words often, one because I agreed with it and two to check myself. I understood how it mattered. As a result of the session my husband identified an important challenge we needed to address ourselves for our relationship with our son to grow. Emad placed importance on trust and authenticity - I think these words aptly describe his values


Emad is a young man with a beautiful soul and a gift to match. He is someone sent to help spread much-needed healing and it shows. He has a calming, soothing, reassuring demeanor that can coax even the most anxious souls along their path toward recovery!


Working with Emad has been so knowledgeable I felt like I was I. A top notch master class for just 1 person. Emad was so helpful, insightful, and supportive in the way he delivered the information. I was very excited and motivated when we got off the phone


A wonderful experience. Emad is a very wise and knowledgeable person, who was very gracious in his approach in helping me to increase my awareness of where my power was in order to be able to solve the issues I presented to him. I would gladly approach him for help again should the need arise.

Daniela K

My session with Emad was incredible! I have new insight and avenues to explore. A different way to view my desire to help someone as opposed to feeling obligated to rescue them. I am grateful for the experience and new knowledge. Very caring and compassionate person and he was quite easy to connect with.


I've been receiving sessions from Emad for more than two years. He is very emphatic, understanding and knowledgeable. He is really good with identifying and getting rid of negative emotions stored in the body. He made my life happier, easier and more fulfilling. I appreciate him as a talented human being and as one of the best healers I've ever met.

Erzsébet Magyar

This. was. amazing. I wasn't certain what to expect - Emad was incredibly gracious in working with this and able to help me identify and examine some larger patterns in the way that I engage with emotions. I would DEFINITELY recommend working with Emad. This session was kind, generous, and energy-shifting.


My session with Emad goes beyond what words can express. I was able to access deep levels of healing with him as a wise, intuned, and skillful guide


Emad showed me tools I can use to add to the mix when I am feeling shut down. I’m excited to implement these strategies. So grateful for Emad and his bright shining energy.


A wonderful teacher and mentor filled with many solutions and strategies to implement in everyday life, thank you for the shift in perspective- will be using NOW


Emad is very organized and easy to communicate with. The session was great and gave me some clarity on things to try to help with challenging emotions


Very impressed with Emad’s work. My first session with him was great. He put things into perspective for me in a way I'd understand.


Emad held my hand through a maze of emotion in the best way possible. Thank you for a wonderful session.


Emad provides incredibly powerful and freeing insights and clarity. He truly listened and brought a wealth of knowledge and understanding to a problem I've been working on for a while. I now have a better grounded space to move forward.


Emad was very clear in explaining the steps of dissolving emotions and how to construct healthier relationships. I really appreciated his patience in deconstructing my dilemma so I could examine it. Ah-ha moment, I am so grateful for his assistance.

Connie Falk

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